¡Cocinemos juntos!

¡Cocinemos juntos!
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miércoles, 20 de octubre de 2010

Tasty Selections: An Evaluation of Gourmet Food Magazines.

This article evaluates gourmet food magazines. Everyone is infatuated with food. Everyone takes food beyond the mere necessity it provides for survival and elevate it to the status of a pop culture icon. A trip to the local bookstore or even the grocery store checkout lane will demonstrate the popularity of food in periodical publications. There are innumerable food magazines, catering to nearly every kind of palette or style of cooking. There are magazines for the "down-home" cook, the vegetarian and the lover of haute cuisine. Food writer and former New York Times food columnist Molly O'Neill says no, not really. The title of her recent article "Food Porn" says it all. Most of the people really enjoy looking at the glorious, drool-inspiring photographs and noting a tidbit or two of information here and there, but whether or not the recipes are actually being made is another story. "Gourmet," is the elder statesman of food magazines. "Food & Wine," was introduced in 1978. Published by American Express Publishing Corp., it is a monthly magazine with an annual subscription cost of $35.
Wilson, T. (2003). Tasty Selections: An Evaluation of Gourmet Food Magazines. Journal of Agricultural & Food Information, 5(2), 49-66. Retrieved from Food Science Source database.

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