¡Cocinemos juntos!

¡Cocinemos juntos!
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viernes, 8 de octubre de 2010

Eating your words: plate and nation in meg dods´s the cook and housewife´sS MANUAL (1826).

Focuses on the contributions of author Christian Isobel Johnstone to the Scottish literature and culture through his cookbook "The Cook and Housewife's Manual" published in 1826. Views of Johnstone on the social implications of food; Background on the book's fictional characters; Recipes included in the second edition of the book; Overview of the cookbook and its latest editions.
Monnickendam, A. (2005). EATING YOUR WORDS: PLATE AND NATION IN MEG DODS'S THE COOK AND HOUSEWIFE'S MANUAL (1826). Scottish Studies Review, 6(1), 33-42. Retrieved from Academic Search Complete database.

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